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What are We Creating Together?

Repurposing the footprint of the old Surgery Center and Emergency Department and incorporating adjacent space, we will create a 20,000-square-foot diagnostic hub that supports state-of-the-art imaging, all within our hospital’s current footprint. Improvements include new equipment, remodeling, expansion, and a seismic upgrade.

We Care

WE ARE: The Chavez family, owners of local eatery Picazo Cafe

OUR HOPE FOR SONOMA: “A good hospital is a basic human necessity, vital to maintaining the health of a community. We need to work together to keep our hospital relevant and accessible to all of us.”

Three Reasons: Now is the Time to Show We Care


This campaign is the critical next step in the master plan initiated with the 2014 renovation of our hospital’s Emergency Department and Surgery Center. The foundation is now in place for the next phase of innovation: a central diagnostic hub to support every aspect of hospital care, from emergency to surgery to outpatient medicine.


Today, some of our hospital’s most important capabilities — CT scan, MRI, X-ray — are outdated or inadequate and must be replaced or augmented. If we don’t correct these shortcomings, our hospital won’t be able to provide the best care for us today. As patients seek top-notch diagnostics elsewhere, our hospital will lose revenue and may not be sustainable to serve us tomorrow.


This project is our chance to create an exceptional hospital that is a resource for Sonomans of all ages and stages of life. We will have a hospital that is technically excellent, accessible, and — with advanced diagnostic capabilities that contribute to our hospital’s bottom line — stronger financially.

A Community of People Who Care

Our desire for good health requires the best health care, and Sonoma Valley Hospital has served us well for more than 70 years. But medicine has changed a lot in that time. It’s time to update one of the most important features of our hospital – the facilities that, using advanced imaging technologies to see inside the body, diagnose what ails us and help us stay healthy.

Fast Facts

Years SVH has served the Sonoma community

Thousand population served by SVH

Number of hospitals in Sonoma Valley

Minutes driving time (in traffic) to the next closest hospital

We Care

WE ARE: Kimberly and Simon Blattner, longtime Sonoma residents and community advocates

OUR HOPE FOR SONOMA: “We believe we have a responsibility to give back and make the healthcare playing field level for everyone. We want Sonoma to have the best community hospital in the nation, with the best MRI, CT, and X-ray capabilities right here close to home,” Kimberly says. “Some of us could choose to go beyond Sonoma for care, but we shouldn’t have to, and neither should our neighbors,” says Simon. “Everyone in Sonoma — including those who can’t afford to go elsewhere — should have local access to excellent healthcare.”


Campaign Chair
Simon Blattner

Honorary Chairs
Gary and Marcia Nelson

Campaign Cabinet
Simon Blattner
Cherie Hughes
Marcia Levy
Nancy Lilly
Steve Sangiacomo

Leadership Gifts Committee
Cherie Hughes and Marcial Levy, Co-Chairs
Suzanne Brangham
Donna Halow
Jane Hirsch
Kevin Jaggie
Tom Landy
Roger Nelson
Paul Rozanski
Joshua Rymer
Patsy Wynne
Chuck Young

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